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"Joy Love Peace"

Sunday December, 14 2014 4:00pm

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"All Things Considered"

Sunday March, 1 2015 4:00pm

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Amazing Grace

Lone Star Symphonic Band


The patriotic concert, “We Hold These Truths…” was an incredible event!  Those attending were treated outstanding music by the Lone Star Symphonic Band and the LSSB Community Chorus!  Attendance was near the 1,000 mark as YOU the appreciative audience turned out to help our community celebrate the birthday of this, the greatest of nations!


MANY comments and remarks were shared with choir members and band members.  One theme, though, was common:  “This was the BEST concert ever!”  Other comments shared:  “The program was outstanding, a great selection of music!”  “Really enjoyed Lonely Beach! VERY intense and moving!!”  “My emotions ran the gamut…celebratory, to happy marching, to solemnity, to pride in our country, to appreciation to God—all for this great country and the freedoms we enjoy.”


The 2013-14 Concert Season has now concluded.  What a great year of music, community celebration, and enjoyment by all.  Concerts titled “Life in Living Color” (October), “Celebrate the Season” (December), “Lone Star” (March), “Spring Into Fun!” (May), and “We Hold These Truths…” (June) provided audience members with selections ranging in styles and genre from ragtime to paso doble, march to classic rock, symphonic overture to western thematic, from 40’s swing to opera aria, from religious to patriotic, cartoon to romantic, salsa latin to solemn tone poem, and more!


This 21st Concert Season was also host to the largest audience attendance in the history of the Lone Star Symphonic Band!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  YOU the audience members, our supporters, provide encouragement to each band member as he/she continues in the pursuit of providing quality music performances and musical experiences of the highest quality to the best audiences any performer could experience.  Your show of appreciation through your attendance, your contributions, and the sharing of your concert experiences with others are the greatest rewards for each of us!


Season ticket sales for the upcoming 2014-15 Concert Season, our 22nd season, have already begun.  Please click HERE and get yours today!  The number of season ticket holders continues to increase each year, so you want to be able to guarantee your seats for next season which will feature the concerts:  “Made In America” (Oct. 13), “Joy, Peace, Love” (Dec. 14), “All Things Considered” (Mar. 1), “Oh, The Places We Will Go!” (May 3), and the patriotic concert “Yankee Doodle Dandy” (Jun. 28).


Don’t forget to remind your friends to get their tickets, also!  Or maybe you might just need to purchase an additional two tickets so that you can share your great musical experiences of the Lone Star Symphonic Band with another couple each time you come!   Click HERE to purchase individual performance tickets. We are looking forward to seeing you in October!


Our Mission

The Lone Star Symphonic Band offers the community quality performances of differing musical styles, balancing audience appeal with challenging literature for its members.  We encourage lifelong opportunities and growth for skilled musicians of all ages.  The Band is committed to providing a valuable contribution to the American Musical Experience.


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